Friday, December 19, 2008

Drama Moment

File Under: Guess I'm not as over it as I thought

This is my first blog post from work. I thought this site was blocked but apparently I was wrong.

I'm at my Lakeshore office today. I've been here a lot this week. Why is today different? Because I just walked out to the lobby and looked across the street and saw a light on in Matthew's apartment. I think I previously mentioned the fact that he lives directly across the street from one of my work locations.

I don't know why seeing a light on is bugging me, but it is. I guess it's just knowing that we're about 300 feet from one another yet are functioning as if the other doesn't exist.

I wonder if he's affected at all, knowing that I'm a short distance away. Probably not.

Anyway, this isn't a full-on return to the pity party, it's just a moment, which like the others, will pass.


Beth said...

hey, these moments are bound to happen...more than once. go with the flow and ride it'll be ok.


Jimbo said...

I was fine a few minutes later. Had to put it all into perspective.

Glass = half full!


Joy said...

I like seeing pictures of where you work and live and go. This goes for all of you. :-)

I didn't remember he lived so close to where you work. I'm glad you took the time to feel, talk about it, and put it in perspective.