Tuesday, December 23, 2008


File Under: Returned

Matthew dropped off my DVDs and "other items" this afternoon. I was in Administration when he got there. I did not see him.

In a Target bag, I received the following items:
AbFab DVD collection
French and Saunders DVD
"Testosterone" DVD (no, not porn)
A pair of black socks
A toothbrush
Small glass canister that I bought for sugar. I take sugar in my coffee, he doesn't use sugar. Yes, the sugar is still in the canister.

I'm surprised though. My pillow was not returned. He probably trashed it or kept it for his tricks.

To his credit, he did not return any of the gifts I gave to him, including Ina Garten's latest cookbook (autographed), James Taylor CD (sent to him in DC), Kodak digital photo frame (his birthday gift when he returned home), assorted CDs I burned for him, an "adult" DVD (porn), and 4 Christmas ornaments for his sad little tree.

So I'll confess that I did the following. Last night, I came into work to drop off a tin of cookies. I brought with me an ornament that he gave to me. It's really pretty but I didn't want the reminder so I took it off my tree at home. I hung it on the tree in the lobby, at eye level, facing the reception desk. My hope was that he would notice it because he would recognize it if he did. I won't ever know if he did.

Apparently he was quick to walk in and walk out. They offered to page me for him, he said "oh no, that's okay, just see that he gets it" and he walked out.

It's done. I even looked in the bag right away to see what was there and I was fine. It's over. I'm relieved.


Joy said...

Good for you! The healing is happening!

Beth said...

You are a much bigger man Jimbo....good for you. You are doing much better than I would...cuz I would ahve gone ghetto on that boy! ;)

love ya!

Jimbo said...

It's all good. Really he's not worth the effort. He was cowardly and spineless, two attributes I don't need in someone with whom I'm seeking a relationship.

I wish him well, hope that if I run into him someday we can be pleasant to one another.

And like I always say, Karma will take care of things. Perhaps he'll come across someone who sweeps him off his feet and then dumps him without warning. Then maybe he'll stop and think about his actions.


Berry Blog said...

Phew! Let the healing begin! I always worry when gay guys take up with someone. Sometimes we lose them for a while in their all out devotion to a new friend. I'm so glad we still have you.
xoxo charlie