Friday, December 19, 2008

At Work - Part 2

File Under - "Lakeshore"

This is office # 2 at a location we call Lakeshore. It's a block from Lake Michigan. If it weren't for the buildings across the street, we would actually have a view of the lake. But we don't.

My office is much smaller than my "Central" office but very charming. Within a week of moving in, I decorated it. I refer to it as "Paris" since the artwork is all pictures recycled from a calendar with vintage Paris photographs.

Every year for Christmas, the facility holds an office decorating contest. This year I have entered the contest.

To you, I present "Lakeshore!"

My little tree. Does it remind you of the tree at Central? It should, it's the same tree. All of the ornaments are red, green and silver this year.

Standing behind my desk, this is the view - my HR and Payroll filing cabinets. Exciting, huh?

My funky monkey ornament. I bought it last night. He's sitting on top of my lamp. My autographed Belinda Carlisle poster is looking down at monkey.

Again with the pictures. Below the photos is a charming row of penguins that I got for next to nothing at the end of the last Christma season.

Looking towards my desk. The garland on the wall is one I'm really proud of this year. I think it really stands out. The random red balls that you see are suspended from ribbons hanging from the ceiling.

The cabinet with the pictures and penguins and my plants. On the front of the cabinet are my Travelocity "Roaming Gnome" magnets, a gift from Dan.

Just another picture from in front of my desk.

A better look at the garland and my dangling balls. LOL - Okay I didn't need to post another picture but if I didn't, I wouldn't have been able to mention my dangling balls.

I am in a windowless office. At one point, there was an empty offce in Administration and it has a big picture window. I jokingly asked if I could have it and I was being considered for it but instead our Controller got it. Right now I'm glad it's not my office.

Today it was a cold and snowy day in Chicago.
View, looking north:

And looking south: :-(

Thanks for visiting my offices with me. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Please watch your step. :)


Joy said...

You are so neat and organized. Thanks so much for showing us around. I like it.

Beth said...

your hanging balls are very nice. and I much prefer the view NORTH and NOT south.


Marker said...

I know where you work!

Was at a party in the building across the the street (South view) last Saturday.

Marker said...

. . . oh, duh. Reading is hard. Looks like that's "the building". The party was in one of the units that faced the lake, so there's no weird overlap here.

Berry Blog said...

Wow...shiny clean. Lovingly arranged. Loved the tour, looked for a donation plate at the door but didn't find any.
Love ya...charlie