Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time Release Boots

File Under: Wardrobe Malfunction

Last night I met my friends Robert and Maria, along with their sweethearts out for dinner. Robert, Maria and I used to work together, they left, I stayed and we've kept in touch. Our other friend Priscilla was not able to join us last night.

I knew I would be consuming alcoholic beverages so I did not drive. We had snow that day, so I put on my boots and left the house. Mind you, these are the same boots that I walked to and from work in that same day.

I got about half-way to the train station and my left boot felt funny, like something was stuck to the bottom of it and it was flopping. A few more steps and I suddenly stepped down father than usual. I looked back to see what had dislodged from my boot. Turns out it was the sole.

My boots were a pair of Timberlands that I bought about 8 years ago. I don't wear boots all the time, just when the snow is deep enough to warrant the wearing of said boots. I don't like the feeling of having something around my ankles. The remaining boot was completely sealed, there were no tears that exposed my foot, inside. I picked up the sole and kept walking. But then I had to decide if I should go back home and be late, or go to dinner with my modified boot. I decided to go on to dinner.

A few steps later, I decided I would stop at DSW on my way to dinner, buy a new pair of boots and then continue on. It definitely on my route to dinner, it just required a detour. I had about 20 minutes to make a purchase.

I got to the train, got on the train and then looked at my right boot. It was doing the same thing!!

I got off the train, with the sole from my left boot in hand and now with a floppy right sole. I got downstairs, reached down, tore off the second sole and kept walking.

I arrived at DSW at 7:05 pm, purchased a new pair of boots by 7:15, and was at the restaurant by 7:25. I was the last to arrive but given that our reservation was for 7:30, I was still early.

Am I the only one that something like that happens to? Have you had any articles of clothing self-destruct?


Bob said...

Carlos and I were meeting friends on Lincoln Road Mall when we lived in Miami. From the car to the restaurant, his left shoe fell apart. Being Lincoln Road Mall, the only shoe store was very expensive; it cost him over $200.00 before we even got to dinner!

Loved your story.

Jimbo said...

I fared much better than that. I bought a pair of Dr. Martens for $89.


Marker said...

No clothes, but my check engine light came back on yesterday before I'd even driven out of Fletcher Jones Chicago. This was after $2000+ in repairs . . . on a friggin' Volkswagen!!

Sorry to go OT with that . . . Somewhat more on topic, Kenneth Cole shoes all seem to last about a month, and I've had a few details on not inexpensive shoes by D&G go awry (sp?) way way way way sooner than they should have. On the other end of the continuum, Ferragamo shoes seem to be exceptionally well-made.

(P.S. Yes, I'm gay.)

Jimbo said...

Marker, you're GAY??? ;-)

OMG...don't even get me started on my Jetta. My "Check Engine" light was on more than it was off. It even went on as I drove right past the dealership. NO LIE! Dan was there and saw it happen!!!!!

Berry Blog said...

It's a sign.IT'S A SIGN. lol
xoxo charlie