Saturday, December 27, 2008

Proper Music

File Under: 2008 in Review

I was going to do my "Top 10 Albums of 2008" list but when I surveyed what I purchased this year, I only bought 9 albums. So instead of ranking them, I'm just going to share with you what I bought this year and comment as necessary.

Detours - Sheryl Crow. I have a thing for female singers and Sheryl Crow's voice is one that I am particularly fond of. She's had her ups and downs in the past couple of years but has such a good spirit. I was pleased when she released this album and it didn't disappoint. This goes back to her earlier days, a bit more folk sounding with really clean production.

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings - Counting Crows. I didn't like them when they first rose to fame but later on I came to appreciate their sound. Adam Duritz, the lead singer has a lot of emotion in his voice when he sings and his lyrics are fantastic. This album was written during a time when he was going through a depression so a lot of the songs have a darker feel to them.

Funplex - The B-52's. The quintessential party band. Who does not LOVE The B-52's. Sure, this album sounds a lot like the rest of their catalog but they do what they know best. This is definitely a feel-good album and puts me in a happy mood.

X - Kylie Minogue. Cute, Euro dance pop. Nothing deep here, just fun.

Hard Candy - Madonna. Not my favorite Madonna album but I suppose I would lose my gay card if this wasn't in my collection. I think I've listened to the album twice since purchasing it back in the spring.

Crayons - Donna Summer. This purchase was more of a curiosity than anything. Back in the late 70s/Early 80's, I loved Donna and remember begging for an advance on my allowance so that I could go buy her album "Bad Girls." This isn't a bad album, at all. It's nice that she was able to release an album and have some success with it.

Funhouse - Pink. I really like this album. It's sassy and fun, the lyrics are great. I've played the song "So What" a lot these past couple of weeks.

Day and Age - The Killers. I JUST bought this album tonight. I LOVE The Killers but was previously preoccupied and didn't get it when it was released back around Thanksgiving. This is one that I'll listen to from start to finish many times. It has a really nice flow.
19 - Adele. I adore this album but unfortunately, for now I can't listen to it. It was kind of a centerpiece of my (brief) relationship and the songs make me sad. With that said, I think Adele has a gorgeous voice and writes beautiful lyrics. The production values are simple and don't drown out the voice. She's been nominated for multiple Grammy awards, I hope she wins them all. She deserves it.


Marker said...

Our only overlap was "Hard Candy" - meh. I meant to get "Funplex" - thank you for reminding me.

I am sure you will be able to reclaim Adele one day - probably not too far off.

Beth said...

Ya, you'll be back to Adele in no time...

man, I used to LOVE Donna Summer! Wow...the memories right now. I remember this one guy I liked in high school...he liked Donna, so OF COURSE, I went and bought her album. He came over to see me one day and we were in my room listening to it...and he said I had to either give him a blow job or have sex. what a JERK!!!! I did neither, thank you very much. he left after that and never came back. His loss, cuz I give a really good blow job! ;)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I like the "Stamp" number on Donna Summer's album. "S- t a m p!, stamp you feet on the gorund- " It's a perfect drag number!

Jimbo said...

Welcome, Miss Grant! Glad you're here. I also like "Stamp." It's a fun song, it has a feeling of empowerment.

Berry Blog said...

Gee I know nothing about any of these but I seem to ive in my own category, and NO ONE ever listens to what I do. would any of these get me through ten minutes on a treadmill? I need all the motivation I can get.

Jimbo said...

If it's not music you like, chances are it's not going to get you through 10 minutes on the treadmill. You need to find something ou enjoy listening to that will help distract you from the boredom of the treadmill. Something in which you can lose yourself. You know what you do like, put it on an iPod and go! :)

Berry Blog said...

thanks Jimbo...I do get quite far with Mama Mia, lol.