Friday, December 12, 2008

Music That Makes Me Smile

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This is one of those songs that comes in handy when I've experienced a breakup. Admittedly I think the lyrics don't exactly apply to my current situation but it's the song I've been playing to get the song that I was told "you'll understand" out of my head.

The video to this song isn't on YouTube, which probably isn't a bad thing because it's a really stupid video for an otherwise good song. It's The Go-Go's (of course), a band that I love and has written more songs that I can relate to than any other band.

This video was actually filmed by me, in Las Vegas, in January 2007. I love my little digital camera.

Lyrics are as follows:

Always trying to clean up my catastrophes
Taking full responsibility
Living my life like every day is the last
remodeling the wreckage of my past
But when it comes to you,
I know I said "I do"
but I don't- no I don't

You're unforgiven
so go on living
knowing that I've unforgiven you
And my Thanksgiving,
came the day I saw it was OK
to unforgive you

Confessing every sin doesn't make me a saint
even though it's obvious I've changed
Once I forgave you but I did not forget
now I'm taking back everything I said


But when it comes to you,
I know I said "I do"
but I don't - no I don't!


Lyrics by Caffey/Wiedlin/Armstrong

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Berry Blog said...

20 years after his death, I am still "unforgiving" a lover of the same number of years. Perhaps it's all just as well, as I just couldn't endure the intensity of our relationship and teach school too. any kind of parting is unbelievably painful but I think I was lucky in that I don't have to see him with someone else. Like you, I play it cool a long time, then fall like a brick into total committment.
My heart is with you,