Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back To My Routine

File Under: No longer a TV hostage

Belinda's appearance on Dancing With the Stars meant that I needed to be home Monday evenings so that I could cast my votes by phone and online. Phone votes could be cast up t0 30 minutes after the end of the telecast. Online votes could go into early the next day. I've never voted in the past so I would watch the show later in the evening after going about my evening routine. I haven't been to the gym on Monday or Tuesday evenings in 2 weeks. With the outcome of last night's show, I can now resume my routine.

No more speculation about what happened. It's over, Belinda gave it her best. She was sweet when she said that she felt bad for her partner because she feels like she let him down. On a happy note, she can now return to France to be with her husband, her son, and her pets, including her one-eyed, wheelchair-bound pug.

Tonight, it's laundry gym for me. I'll resume that tomorrow. I've done so well and in about 1o weeks, it'll be street festival season. :)


Beth said...

street fefstival season...hhmmm...will we get some pix of that festival? ;)

Jimbo said...

Hey Beth. Oh, you know it! There will be pictures.