Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Dinner

File Under: Fun with friends

At about 9:15 this morning, my cell phone rang. Well actually it vibrated on my night table and I glanced at it and in a blur I saw that it was Dan. I was barely awake. A few minutes later I was awake enough to listen to the voicemail message that Dan left, and it was an invitation to dinner. I promptly called and accepted.

This afternoon, Dan and Luis hosted an impromptu dinner party. In attendance were Denise, Tina, Polo and me.

The menu for this dinner party was quite the spread. Prime rib, chicken, roasted fingerling potatoes, simmered mushrooms and onions, macaroni and cheese, and salad. Luis, the chef, along with his sous chef Dan, presented everything beautifully.

Not one to show up empty handed, I made individual chocolate ganache tarts which finished us all off and sent us into a food coma.

The food was great, and as usual, the company was second to none. It was nice gathering and visiting with some of the greatest friends a guy could have. A perfect way to end the weekend.


Beth said...

you guys always have the best dinners!!!! Luis must be a hell of a cook!!! it all sounds delish!


Jimbo said...

"One hell of a cook" doesn't even cover it. The man is amazing in the kitchen. He loves to experiment with flavors and techniques. He's a bit of a perfectionist and is his own worst critic. But whenever the call is received that dinner is being served, I would be a fool to not be there.

Dan said...

HEY!!! I made the salad! It was layered with tons of flavor!

Jimbo said...

And it was a very delicious salad!