Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dancing With The Stars Curse

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There has long been this legend of the "Dancing With the Stars Curse," as throughout the seasons, a number of Stars as well as their pro dance partners have sustained injuries or bad luck incidents. Some of the more notable events were when Misty May-Treanor ruptured her Achilles tendon during a rehearsal. In the film footage of the rehearsal session, you can hear it *pop* as she goes down in agony. This required surgery and ended her season. Christian De La Fuente tore a tendon in his arm but continued in the competition with modified routines. Then there's Marie Osmond, who fainted after one performance (BAM! She went down, sliding out of the arms of her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts), then weeks later suffered the loss of her father. Marie made it to the final 3 (sympathy votes??). Jane Seymour suffered food poisoning, and professional dancer Derek Hough fell and knocked himself unconscious while training.

Before this season even bagan, two celebrities had to bow out due to injuries. TV Host Nancy O'Dell had to withdraw from competition 3 days before it began due to a torn meniscus. Singer Jewel had to withdraw 3 days earlier due to a fractured tibea in both legs. Now comes word that during training for week 2, actor (and famous penis) Gilles Marini has dislocated his shoulder, Steve-O has back problems, and Steve Wozniak has a broken bone in his foot. All are expected to perform on Monday's show.

Wrap 'em all in bubble wrap, I say!

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