Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Movie Day

File Under: Weekend Movie Festival.

I don't see a lot of movies. I own a lot of movies. I probably have close to 200 DVDs. I've watched maybe half of them.

Sunday was a crappy weather day. I had been to the gym, then I stopped at Starbucks, sat there a few minutes, then came home. It was the perfect day to watch movies. I had two recent purchases that I decided to watch:

I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVED "Wall-E." What a fantastic film. I've enjoyed all of the Pixar films I've seen, but this one stands out from the rest of them. It's a sweet story about love and hope and determination. There's a big environmental message, too. What surprised me was how much of the story it told without dialogue. I don't think there are actual spoken lines for the first thirty minutes. At the end of the film, I cried. It's a film I highly recommend, even if you're skeptical about seeing a "cartoon." It's SO worth it.
A complete switch from the previous film was "Lars and the Real Girl." Another love story, but an unusual one. Ryan Gosling's character is so unusual and sad and he plays it so well. I won't say much about the film because if you haven't seen it, I wold be revealing too much, but this is also a story about love and taking chances and it presents a strong message of acceptance. You feel for the characters, all of them. Another must-see.


Joy said...

Thanks for writing about these. I planned to see Wall-E but not the other one. Now I will.

Berry Blog said...

I keep bypassing these- now i won't. thanks for the post.