Thursday, March 26, 2009

DWTS - Results

File Under: Television Obsessions

Woz is safe, again. Just proves that he's got an army of tech geeks phoning in every possible vote and registering every possible email address for online voting. And the iPhone does only work on the AT&T wireless network and AT&T can text votes, too.

Denise is gone. I'm sad that Maks won't be dancing regularly for the rest of the season. Two hot guys, gone.

Next week, two new dances and a double elimination! Stay tuned!!


Joy said...

I thought about that, too, with the computer geeks. Probably true!!

I wish Maks had a partner like Mel B again this season, so he could have been on longer.

Jimbo said...

Gosh I LOVED Mel B with Maks. I also enjoyed Laila Ali with him. Both were excellent. Both of those seasons were great. This season has been kind of lackluster and disappointing.

Berry Blog said...

Agree..the guys are really attractive and seductive. I love the Woz...his enthusiasm and attitude to move beyond his comfort zone is an inspiration to all of us. Maybe Trump next season? who knows with these people.