Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Shining Light

File Under: Friend, Indeed!

We go through life with a number of "best friends." When we're young, we had a new best friend sometimes weekly. Kids are fickle. As we get older, we connect with different people who become our friends but then there are those people that you just know will be a constant and there for you for life. That friend who is there for you, on call, and at the ready to be your defender. I know that a lot of my friends fall under this category, but the one who stands out is Dan. He and I have shared a lot, been through things together, and we've been there for each other. Dan is my my Shining Light.

Annie Lennox released her greatest hits record recently. On it are two new tracks, one is this song, "Shining Light." I've always been a fan, I think she's so intelligent and talented and a brilliant artist. Lyrically, I think this song speaks more about a romantic relationship but the general message speaks of that one person who makes the difference in life and makes it all worth it.

Please enjoy this video clip, Annie Lennox performing "Shining Light" on a UK television program.

This song is actually a remake of a song done by the band Ash. I'm not familiar with them, but kudos to them for writing such a beautiful song.


David Dust said...

Two of my favorite things: Annie Lennox and Dan!!


Berry Blog said...

Some years ago I asked my mother "How do i know who my friends are?" she replied...." you just go on living your life and every ten years or so look around you and see who's still there."
works for me...xoxo Charlie

Dan said...

Ok - so now that I have stopped crying Proper! I love you and I love the fact you are my friend!
Thank you for being there.
Positive thoughts and forwrd thinking!


Jimbo said...

Yes! Good times ahead.

Joy said...

That's sweet!