Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Results

File Under: Jim is SAD

That is all.

Belinda was in the bottom two, had to face Steve Wozniak in the dance off. They both repeated their routines from last night. Both scored one point lower than the previous night's scores. Steve had more viewer votes. He won.

I'll still watch, still update weekly. I'm rooting for Lil' Kim.


Joy said...

I thought about you when we knew Belinda was in the bottom 4 and then 2. I knew you were crossing your fingers and everything else! I know you are disappointed, and I'm sad for you. Hugs!!! I'm glad you'll continue to recap!

Bob said...

I have said before that I don't watch the show, but I do read your blog, and love your recaps and insider emails.
When I saw that Belinda had been eliminated, I felt sorry for you first....then her!

Beth said...

awwwww Jimbo! How in the WORLD could The Woz beat out Belinda?? RECOUNT!!!RECOUNT!!!

Jimbo said...

Oh well. While watching the "dance off," Belinda missed a move and from that point forward pretty much phoned in the remainder of her routine. I felt bad for her. I think she knew it was over at that point.

She gave it a go, had a blast and enjoyed her time there. I loved that she said that she felt bad that she let her partner down.