Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Tonight

File Under: Television Obsessions-a-Go-Go

Tonight is week 2 of Dancing With the Stars. Nobody was eliminated last week. During the week of rehearsals, 4 people were injured. Woz broke a bone in his foot, he's expected to dance. Gilles dislocated his shoulder but is expected to dance. Steve-O has been having back issues, early reports had him as questionable but later it was reported that he would dance. Belinda tripped in the parking lot outside the studio and scraped her foot. She says that she's fine.

Could the little Olympian be pulling a Tonya Harding?

Tonight, Belinda dances a Salsa. She said that she feels good about her dance and is looking forward to it. She needs your votes!! (800)868-3402. Phone voting takes place from the time the show starts through 30 minutes following the end of the broadcast in your time zone. Online voting lasts throughout the evening. 13 votes per phone line and email account. VOTE FOR BELINDA!!! And her yummy partner Jonathan, too!

Some pictures from last week's show:

Checkin' to make sure "the girls" are still in place. David, have you seen Belinda's boobies?

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