Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ah...Spring in Chicago

File Under: Snow? Seriously?

This morning I awoke to snow on the ground. No, I awoke to the sound of cell phone was on vibrate and it was ringing on the table in the hallway outside of my bedroom. By the time I got to it, I had missed a call from Dan. In the mean time, I looked out of my window. The blinds were open and all I saw was white. It had begun to snow overnight and was still snowing at 9:20 am. The ground was covered with about 2 inches of snow. It was wet and slushy so it wasn't going to survive very long but apparently it was enough to be a nuisance in traffic. Dan called me back, he was on his way to the gym and said that driving in it was a bit of a challenge. More for the bus that he saw skid into a bus stop than for him.

I had done everything I needed to do outside yesterday. No reason to leave the house, but at about 1 I decided the worst was over and I ventured out, Again, because of the wetness of the snow, it wasn't much of a challenge to clean. A few swipes and my car was clean, it just slid right off. Driving was fine. I made it to the gym without much delay. When I left, the sun was attempting to come out. By the time I got home, the sun was out and most of the sidewalks were clean.

My hope is that the tulips and crocuses (Joy, is that the proper plural for cruocus?) that are beginning to appear will survive the snow and still bloom in a couple weeks. It would be sad to lose them.

How's the weather where you live?


David Dust said...

We had a thunderstorm this evening here in NYC - it came out of nowhere and then was gone.


Joy said...

I have that widget on my blog now, so you can tell what my weather is like. It's cold and rainy after we've had such sunny, spring weather. I hope the flowers and leaves don't get killed where you are. I think ours will be OK, but it's been cold lately.

We had windstorms and damage some places.