Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 2

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Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars and it was an interesting departure from last week's showing. Many improved, a couple languished at the lower end of the scoring and there was one who was MIA. Here is my summary of the performances, these are the comments I made as I watched each performance. In some cases, the judges and I agreed.

This week's scores will be combined with those from last week so my scoring indicates the total that each couple received over the two weeks.

Holly and Dmitri – Quickstep 6/6/6 + 18 from last week = 36/60
Dance was uneven, her feet weren’t quite in it and she lacked posture. The judges noticed it too.

David and Kym - Salsa 6/5/6 + 19 = 36/60
Fun routine, but it seemed a bit clownish. He’s stiff with his movements. It’s a fast routine. Kym danced around David a lot.

Denise and Maksim – Quickstep 7/7/7 + 18 = 39/60
Still looks stiff and nervous, counting steps, a beat or two off but had some good moves. She fared better from the judges this week.

Belinda and Jonathan – Salsa 6/6/6 + 17 = 35/60
Fun and free, kind of wild, kind of lost something in the middle but she took some chances and did a handstand! She was enjoying herself. Judges were complementary but still felt she was lacking.

Ty and Chelsea – Quickstep 7/6/7 +14 = 34/60
Nicely done, improved over last week with confidence. A bit stiff but it seemed clean. Judges were pleased.

Shawn and Mark – Salsa 8/8/8 + 23 = 47/60
Kind of stiff in the hips. Good footwork and of course good with kicks. Judges are favorable.

Steve and Karina – Quickstep 6/5/6 + 13 = 30/60
Steve is dancing with a broken foot. Dancing in sneakers, looks paddle footed, clumsy and lost. Kathy Griffin is in the audience.

Chuck and Julianne – Salsa 6/7/7+20 = 40/60
She’s doing more of the dancing. He’s doing OK…still looks stiff. He didn’t move a lot. Couple of hip moves and wiggles. Bruno thought so too!

Lawrence and Edyta – Quickstep 7/6/7 + 16 = 36/60
Nice, but he still looks like he’s unsure of his steps, good energy. Judges seemed to like it.

Steve-O and Lacey – Salsa 5/4/5 + 17 = 31/60
This is dress rehearsal, he was injured earlier, so this is the performance on which they are judged. The performance lacked salsa, it was just a bunch of disjointed somewhat raunchy moves. Judges no likey.

Lil Kim and Derek – Quickstep 8/7/8 + 21 = 44/60
Nice and light and fun. She has a look on her face like she’s kind of surprised. She’s got the footwork right. Sweet! I like her!

Melissa and Tony – Salsa + 9/8/9 + 23 = 49/60
She’s got the hips and the kicks and is pretty good with the footwork. Heavy on “stunts.” More sympathy applause. Carianne loved it. Len loved it. Bruno loved it.

Gilles and Cheryl – Quickstep 9/9/9 + 24 = 51/60
Nice footwork, seems very smooth. Couple of steps were out of step…looked a bit like he was holding back but did a showoff finish. Judges LOVED IT!

So that's week 2. I'm biased so you know where my votes went, and I hope you all voted for my favorite, too. She's trying, she's having fun and she's warming up. She won't win this, I'm pretty certain of that but I want to see her hang around a little while longer. I'm guessing that one of the Steves will go.

Here's a screen capture from tonight's show. Guess who...

Added these for David, since I'm sure he's missing Gail's boobies.


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Love your recap! It's succinct and fun to read!

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Hey Jimbo -

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