Friday, March 13, 2009

My Closet

File Under: A Proper Mess

Dan's post about his new closet prompted me to post these pictures. These were taken a couple years ago, when I was in the process of swapping out one season's wardrobe for another. One of my QTS friends used to sell custom closets and went on and on about his fabulous closet and the ones he designed. I posted a little tour of my closet for all to see. It's about 7 feet deep, 4 feet wide. I think I've efficiently used the space, don't you?

Brown cardboard box on a shelf. What do you suppose is in there???

Heating pad, camera bag, games, a poster.

Well, these pictures are obviously out of order. That would be the "After" shot, those would be winter sweaters.

Empty shelves, hamper on the floor, ties and belts hanging from hooks, shoes hanging from a sorter on the inside of the door. To the right are 2 levels of hanging space. The items on the bottom rack drag on the floor.

Another "Before" shot with the shelves emptied. Oh look, my halloween pajamas hanging on the hook next to the shoes. :)

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Joy said...

You have used that space efficiently! Mine is just a regular closet. I would love a walk-in closet like I had in my previous house. I'm going to post some before and after pictures soon. You won't believe what an Oscar Madison place I'm living in! It's overwhelming and embarrassing!!