Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Week 3

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The recaps continue even though I was not pleased with last week's outcome. Life goes on and so does the competition. I'm still a fan of the show so here we go. This week's contestants are dancing a Fox Trot or a Samba. My comments are as I'm seeing the performance.

Well, the old beginning is back showing the entire cast. Happy to see that Belinda gets top billing. Alphabetical order, of course. ;-)

Denise and Maks – Samba – She seems like she’s holding back, being cautious and forgetting steps. She’s not shaking it like this dance calls for. Maks coached her on that in her rehearsal. Actually looks like she just walked away and ended the dance. Len was polite, Bruno was not. Carianne agreed with Bruno. 16/30

Chuck and Julianne – Foxtrot – he’s got nice posture and is good with the jazzy moves. Okay, he’s not bad. Damn he’s a cutie. This is a nice dance. Bruno is happy. Carianne is too. Len said it was good but not great. 23/30

Holly and Dimitri – Samba – I could be wrong but she looks way out of step. Not a lot of fire with this samba. Carianne isn’t pleased, called her disjointed and saw a lift. 17/30

Steve-O and Lacey – Foxtrot – He looks like Pee Wee Herman. Stiff…very stiff. His steps are totally off…on purpose? Wow…this is awful. He fell on the steps. Ouch…he’s in pain. Len was very polite and paid him some complements. Bruno is pointing out flaws. Carianne is polite, didn’t comment on his performance, just praised him for performing him in pain. 15/30.

Lawrence and Edyta – Samba – very funky, not sure where the samba moves are coming in. Seems careful, she’s doing a lot of the dancing around him. Judges are complementary. They want him to do more. 20/30

Shawn and Mark – Foxtrot – Pretty. Nice moves, good posture. Tom called it elegant. I agree. Carianne is happy, very happy! Len is pleased. 27/30

Gilles and Cheryl – Samba – lots of ass shaking and hips – it’s like they’re dry humping. I think He just did a boob fluff at the judges. This is a SEXY samba. Judges all happy. 27/30

David and Kym – Foxtrot – theatrical beginning. The dance itself is OK…kinda lackluster. Wow, he can kick high. Eh. Bruno is pleased. Carianne is pleased. Len is pleased. Hm. 24/30

Steve Woz and Karina – Samba – Oh the drama…Woz is in an ambulance again. Oh dear God. Seriously? No further comment. I’m just going to watch. Judges no likey. 10/30

Melissa and Tony – Foxtrot – Classy and pretty. VERY NICE! Len and Bruno loved it, Carianne enjoyed it but wants to see more. 27/30

Lil’ Kim and Derek – Samba – Girl can swing those hips! She’s bringin’ it! Looks like she lost it at one point as she was watching Derek, but I could be wrong. Um…she’s got something peeking out from her top. Judges happy! 25/30

Ty and Chelsie – Fox Trot – Really nice. He’s improving, looking more comfortable. Oh she slipped, he was there for here. Oh, he slipped too but they did well overall. Judges pleased! 23/30

Predicted dance-off tomorrow night...Steve-O and Steve Woz.


Joy said...

We were both wrong about who was in the dance-off. I'm glad Denise is gone. She was painful to watch! It will be better when the worst dancers have been eliminated.

Enjoyed your recap!

ell said...

Very nice recap! (BTW, I came via Joy.)

I'm so glad Denise Richards is gone. Hopefully, Holly goes next - she is also PAINFUL to watch.

Love Gilles & Cheryl!

Jimbo said...

Welcome, Ell! So glad you're here. Thanks for the kind words!

Berry Blog said...

I like your style of recap. Red carpet reporting...wysiwyg