Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life in High Definition

File Under: Wow

Sometimes I'm clever and the title of my blog post is a metaphor and sometimes it's just what it says.

I've had my new TV for a couple of months now, and I upgraded my cable service to include the HD channels. I've been enjoying it. The Food Network looks great - it's as if I can reach into it and sample some of the delicious food being prepared by Ina and Giada. "Dancing With the Stars" is exciting, it's like I'm in the ballroom.

Tonight, I turned on The Discovery Channel and an episode of "Planet Earth" was on. I have to tell you, it was stunning. The aerial views left me feeling dizzy. The underwater shots made me feel like I was swimming along with the fish. Truly amazing stuff!

Now I'm watching "Clean House" on The Style Network. Not quite as visually stunning, but fun. :) Nicey's flowers in her hair leap off the screen.

I don't mean to brag, but I really, really like my TV.


Joy said...

I have the digital cable channels but not the HDTV yet. I told myself I couldn't have it until after the living/dining room and den are like I want them. Half-way there with that one! I also won't let me have a wireless router until I got my den in order. It looks like a junk room in here right now, unfortunately. I'm getting ready to quit waiting for them and will get going on the den!

Behavior modification!

Keep describing shows and how much better they look. It motivates me!

Bob said...

I love love love seeing my boyfriend Anderson Cooper in HighDef. His baby blues are like pools of pure love that I could swim in for.......
Yeah, HighDef is good!

frogponder said...

Does this mean that the shows that habitually soften the focus on women of a certain age will look normal? I can't watch those shots, irritates the heck out of me.

Beth said...

I want one of these so bad!!!!!