Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Season 8, Week 4

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Tonight’s competition introduces two new dances to the competition, the Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango. Also this week, we will see the first double elimination. Two couples will go home.

Len explains that the Argentine tango is different from the ballroom Tango in the hold. The couples can separate and allow for more creativity and it’s very sensual. The Lindy Hop is very much like a jitterbug, lots of character, fun, lifts are OK.

But enough about that…on to the dancing-

David and Kym – Lindy Hop: Very theatrical, he’s not bad. Good with his kicks. Oh, he just did a cartwheel. That was good. Len and Bruno said he lost timing, Carrie Ann (realized I’ve been misspelling her name all this time!) liked it very much. 22/30

Lil Kim and Derek - Argentine Tango: Pretty…lots of swirly legwork in the beginning. Nice holds, it’s sensual but not over the top. Nicely done. Standing ovation from the crowd. Lil’ Kim’s in tears. Len didn’t see the heat, the others did. By the way, Bruno is VERY orange. 27/30 (a 10 from Bruno)

Chuck and Julianne – Lindy Hop: Okay he looks cute as a soda jerk. Cute number, not quite the full energy I would expect. He looked a bit nervous. Did I mention that he’s cute? 22/30
Lawrence and Edyta – Argentine Tango: Very nice legwork but in spots he looks a bit flat-footed. Overall it was nice. 19/30

Ty and Chelsea – Lindy Hop: Oooh, cute start! This dance seems well-suited for him because it kind of hides his sometimes sloppy footwork. Amazingly he’s keeping up really well with the kicks and moves. He looks scared, though and stiff in the twists. Judges seem pleased. 25/30

Steve Woz and Karina – Argentine Tango – First 20 seconds were done on a chair. He’s posing and she’s dancing around him. Okay, there he’s moving a bit. He did a few decent moves, but also stumbled a couple times. It wasn’t very passionate or sensual. 12/30

Melissa and Tony – Lindy Hop: Wow she’s good. This is a really fun number. No critique…it was great. High energy! 29/30 (10’s from Carrie Anne and Bruno)

Holly and Dmitri – Argentine Tango: She’s dancing with sore ribs. She’s going to “fight thru the pain!” A little difficulty on the barstool at the beginning. Footwork is so off. She did manage a cool flippy thing. Eh…it was so-so. 16/30

Steve-O and Lacey – Lindy Hop: He’s not fully there…His footwork is off but he’s got some good moves and he’s giving it good energy. Just sloppy. 15/30

Gilles and Cheryl – Argentine Tango: Very precise movements, nice foot and legwork. This routine oozes sex. Wow. Gilles appears to be crying. LOL I think the judges all had orgasms. 30/30

Shawn and Mark – Linday Hop: Good energy, lots of flips and tricks, good footwork. Seem to be doing more acrobatics than footwork thought. It was fun. 25/30

So there you have another week of DWTS. Who’s going home? Probably Holly and Steve-O. Unfortunately I think Woz is safe, yet again. Stay tuned…

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