Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Day

File Under: Good Things

I would sum today up as being a good day. Work was uneventful. I left early today as my mom had another doctor's appointment, she's been going monthly just to follow up on her blood sugar and her blood pressure. Today's visit was good. Her doctor is satisfied with her blood sugar numbers and he took her blood pressure twice because he was so happy that it was close to normal. Mom's pretty happy, too.

She was done early so I went to do laundry. This also allowed me to get to the gym, after dinner. I've been trying to go regularly, targeting problem areas (my stomach) and working on toning my arms and chest. I want to be fully ready for street festival season. Never know who you're going to run into at one of those events. ;)

It's March now...and that always seems hopeful, in terms of seasons. Sure, we could still have winter weather, but nothing is long-lasting. Spring is less than 3 weeks away. That makes me happy.

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Berry Blog said...

sure hope you can stick with that determination. I'm trying to get determinted to START again.