Saturday, March 14, 2009

DWTS Curse - Follow-up

File Under: email exchange

My note to Belinda:

Jim Ginter

March 13 at 5:33pm
Dear Belinda,

Sorry about your stumble, I'm glad it wasn't worse. My darling, those are some serious shoes you were wearing when you fell!! My gosh. With this recent string of season 8 injuries, can I suggest an outfit made of bubble wrap (Hmm...that may be something you actually wore back in the punk days!) and sensible flats?

Be well, stay focused and well rested...looking forward to Monday's show.



Her reply:

Belinda Carlisle

March 13 at 10:41pm

that is funny, it wasn't at the time, i can assure you. i'm fine. it was all so dramatic.
i'm excited for monday.


David Dust said...

I suggest you send her a case of bubble wrap anyway - just to be safe.

She seems so sweet.


Joy said...

Wow! This is so neat! You got a reply from your Belinda! Your email to her was so sweet.

Jimbo said...

It was a sweet reply from a classy lady! Looking forward to her next dance, tomorrow night.