Friday, March 13, 2009

The Curse Continues!!!

File Under: Dancing With the Stars

This afternoon, I learned of another star who has suffered an injury. Belinda Carlisle fell in the parking lot outside of the dance studio. She scraped her foot. She was interviewed about it, says it's minor and looks worse than it actually is. She's very upbeat about it and also very upbeat about the next dance.
Look at the shoes she was walking in!!!


David Dust said...

Please call/text your girl and tell her she needs to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, full body armor - and SENSIBLE SHOES! That curse is scary!!!

I suggest a nice pair of orthopedic oxfords...


Jimbo said...

Ortho shoes and bubble wrap! Actually that's funny and I'll email her right now!


larry said...

she fell off her shoes!

Joy said...

Oh no! I didn't hear about this. I'm glad she wasn't hurt too badly.

Yes, send her a message! :-)

Joy said...

Oh, I just noticed "she fell off her shoes," Larry! Good one!