Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bad Gay!

File Under: Fight for the right

Yesterday, in cities all throughout the United States, rallys were held protesting California's passing of Proposition 8. My best friend Dan, his partner Luis and good friend Polo attended the Chicago rally. I was asked to go but did not. I'm a little ashamed that I did not go and voice my opinion. It's not that I don't agree, I just didn't go.

True, I had other things that I needed to do - my mom didn't feel up to grocery shopping so it was up to me to take care of it. True, I needed to go and have my glasses adjusted, they had become bent. True, I wanted to go to the gym, I've been slacking this week. I did those things, but I could have found time to do those things later in the weekend. I could say that I'm uncomfortable in crowds, which I am. But that never stops me from going to street fairs and concerts, which sometimes are more rowdy than protests. In the back of my mind, I was picturing the Chicago riots of 1968, when the Democratic National Convention was held here. War protestors clashed with the police and things got ugly. Silly, I know.

According to the Chicago Tribune "thousands" were out there. Would my presence have made the difference? Perhaps, or maybe not.

I feel a bit like I let my friends down and I'm sad about that.

I vow to do what I can from a behind the scenes, to show my support for this cause. If that means writing letters, I'll do it. If that means additional support for the HRC, I'll do that, too.

To those of you who attended rallys, I love you for doing it, I thank you and I won't let you down.


David Dust said...

We all do what we can. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to help in the future.

It was a WONDERFUL day, I must say.


Dan said...

You are a bad gay, but I still love you! FYI Denise and Tina went as well.

You are not the only bad gay out there, we know how many of us are in this city and we all have a responsability to make equall rights happen!