Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 10 - The Finals, Night 1

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Season 7 is about to draw to a close. Tonight the three finalists dance two final rounds. They are scored by the judges on both and also receive viewer votes. They will dance one more round tomorrow night, and the judges scores will be factored into determining a winner.

They’re starting off the show with a recap of the Stars’ favorite dances from the season, both ballroom and Latin. This is obviously just a time filler. 3 couples and the show is 2 hours long tonight. Go figure.

Brooke and Derek – Favorite ballroom dance, the Quickstep. Favorite Latin Dance, the Paso Doble.

Lance and Lacey – Favorite ballroom dance, the Tango (the goth number). Favorite Latin dance, the Mambo.

Warren and Kym – Favorite ballroom dance, the Viennese Waltz. Favorite Latin dance, the Paso Doble.

Next up is the “Samba Smackdown” where all three couples dance together and then do individual portions of the dance.

Brooke leads, then Lance, then Warren. Brooke and Derek look good. Lots of hips and leg moves. Her Samba roll looked a bit stiff. Lance and Lacey look good. His posture is nice. They did some cute little added thing. Warren came out and did a handstand! He’s moving nicely. She’s not outdancing him so far, he’s doing his share of moves which is good. Not bad. Okay now the group. Hmm…that ending wasn’t needed. LOL Oh well. Len liked Brooke the best, then Lance, then Warren. Bruno commented on Warren’s footwork. Carrie Ann is kissing all their butts but nitpicking little things.

Brooke and Derek – 28/30
Lance and Lacey – 26/30
Warren and Kym – 25/30

Finally, it’s the Freestyle. Sometimes these are fun, other timese these are tragic.

Brooke and Derek are doing a “Grease” inspired number, complete with lifts, twirls somersaults and antics on the judges’ podium. Lots of energy. Wow. Bruno compared some of the positions to the kama sutra. LOL Carrie Ann has said that they “brought it!” Len called it the “best free style he’s ever seen. “ Score: 30/30. 58/60 for the night.

Lance and Lacey are doing a hip hop number, no lifts. I’m not sure what to judge here, I’m not sure what to look for as far as moves. It’s good, and they’re in step which is a good sign. Lots of energy. Hope the judges like it. Carrie Ann liked the beginning and the end but was lost on the middle. Len loved it. Bruno was very complementary. Score: 27/30. 53/60 for the night.

Warren and Kym are doing something with lots of lifts. It’s a quick number to “Proud Mary.” Very energetic! Judges all enjoyed it and called Warren a true entertainer, but Carrie Ann spotted a mistake. Score: 28/30. 53/60 for the night.

I’m torn now. I think Brooke and Derek are great and I would love it if they won but I really enjoyed Lance and Lacey. They came a long way and deserve it. Warren and Kym are pure entertainment but I think they’re in 3rd place.

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Good recap! Once again we agree!