Monday, November 10, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 8

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Tonight’s twist on DWTS is that the Stars had to learn two dances again. The first is a ballroom number, the second dance they’ll perform tonight is a Latin number that includes a 15-second solo from the star.

Cody and Edyta – Fox Trot; Smooth and elegant. Ooh, I saw a lift. Wow…high kicks. Nice, kid! Oh this is nice. It looks like he’s more at ease with his temporary partner this week. YAY! 24/30

Brooke and Derek – Tango; Very powerful. She’s got all of the purposeful moves and pops and head turns. So sensual, a really nice number. Carianne and Bruno were amazed by it, Len was not very flattering at all! 28/30

Maurice and Cheryl – Quick Step; Wow he’s totally out of step and a mess…or at least that’s how it looked to me. He doesn’t look into this one at all. He’s just kind of running while she does more of the work and he’s tossing in a few tricks here and there. Ew…Carianne loved it. Len did too. Apparently Bruno did too. Hmmm. I hated it, but my opinion doesn’t count. 24/30.

Lance and Lacey – Fox Trot; It’s light and fun. Okay yeah, he’s gay. J Lots of little cute steps and moves but really nicely done. I liked it! Len was complementary, Bruno really liked it, so did Carianne. 26/30

Warren and Kym – Tango; He moves like he weighs 100 pounds. He’s so fun to watch and he’s good. Kicks and hip twists and toe leads. Kym really knows how to choreograph his strengths. YAY! 28/30

Now the Latin round –

Cody and Edyta – Mambo; He’s got decent mambo moves…a bit stiff in the hips. Okay, he just started to breakdance in his solo. Hmm…it looked a bit out of place but he ended by landing on the judges stand. Cute. 24/30 + 24 = 48 for the night.

Brooke and Derek – Mambo; What’s nice about watching them work is that Derek lets Brooke shine. Looks like she had a touch of trouble coming out of a hold. I didn’t really see her “solo” but I guess that was it at the start. Her solo was on the judges steps so they couldn’t see her feet but Len said he could tell they were correct. 27/30 + 28 = 55 for the night.

Maurice and Cheryl – Paso Doble; He bugs me…looks like he’s stomping around like a pissed off child. Okay, his solo was a bunch of cape twirling. Whatever. Judges liked it. 24/30 +24 = 48 for the night.

Lance and Lacey – Samba; Lance’s solo was a true dance solo and I thought it was fitting to the routine, it was near the beginning and they bridged back into their dance nicely. 24/30 + 26 = 50 for the night.

Warren and Kym – Jive; Nice! His solo was excellent and totally fit the number. Cute moves, a really nice performance! 26/30 + 28 = 54

I’m a bit pissed off because the one I want to go home, Maurice, was scored well by the judges. But, he shares the bottom of the board with Cody. I just hope Cody can stick it out for another week. I want to see him dance once more with Julianne who is supposed to return next week. Stay tuned…


Joy said...

We're definitely on the same page as you can tell from my recap. I want Maurice to go home, too, and hope Cody can stick around to dance with Julianne next week.

I just love watching Warren dance!

Kaio said...

Hi Jimbo,
Nice blog!
Have a sextastic week!
Cheers from London

Beth said...

If Maurice goes home...he can come to my house. I'll paso his doble!!