Sunday, November 16, 2008


File Under: The comforts of home

Welcometo my bed. Please just focus on the bed and not the clutter on the floor around it. I'll take care of that one of these days.

Linens-n-Things announced their going out of business sale a few weeks ago, I went over and snapped up some bargains, including this bedding set that I'd been eyeing for a couple months. I love the colors but hat that it's so shiny. I think it looks cheap, but it was The entire set was about $60. Cheap is good because I have a cat with claws so inevitibly things end up snagged or torn.

Friday night, after Matthew and I had dinner, we retired to my bedroom, to watch TV. Honest! While we were laying around, he commented on my bedding. He said "I like the green, but there's too much brown. Get rid of it, I don't like it." I told him that I would if he bought me new linens. Laughter ensued.

Saturday I went over to Matthew's for dinner. When I arrived he said "I got you something." I like presents so my ears perked up and he held up a bundle, it was a package of linens identical to my set. He said "I want you to feel more at home here so I bought these. " I said "but you didn't like the brown." He replied "after I said that, I realized that the linens were growing on me. I like it now.

I already felt at home over there, but what a sweet gesture.


Marker said...

Ah, so that's where it all happens. (Original, huh?)

"Welcome to your bed." - Who in Chicago hasn't heard that? Kidding!

Beth said...

OMG....JIMBO!!! He is a doll!!! You got yourself a winner there...hang on to him! How sweet was that????

and I happen to LOVE your linens....niiiiiice.

Dan said...

Girl got all fancy for her new man!