Sunday, November 30, 2008


File Under: Happy Days and Nights

Yesterday Matthew returned home after 10 days of travel. In his line of work, he travels often. He has made it clear that this is actually a slow season for him and I should start getting used to the idea that he'll be gone a lot next year. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it but I definitely feel like he's worth waiting for and the homecomings sure are nice.

This was a special event though, because we finally got to celebrate his 40th birthday. I had a present waiting for him and even Z sent over a card for him. He liked that, a lot. I cooked dinner - I made proscuitto/spinach/ricotta ravioli and a tossed salad. And I baked him a coconut cake which was beautiful (I promise it was, I just forgot to take a picture of it). I made pomegranate cosmopolitans, too.

We visited, ate dinner, watched Christmas movies on Lifetime - "A Diva's Christmas Carol" and "White Christmas," before going to bed. He was in a lot of pain because he twisted his back at the airport. I told him that it sucks turning 40. LOL

This morning, I made breakfast. I made whole wheat pancakes with a strawberry sauce and applewood smoked bacon.

I think he's happy to be home. I know I'm glad he is.


Joy said...

Beth, we should have been gay men! Look at the royal treatment and great cooking!

You are an excellent boyfriend, Jim, and not just because of how well you spoil him but because you are so thoughtful and caring.

Honna_LeBonna said...

Did you point out John Taylor's cameo appearance in "A Diva's Christmas Carol" as the Ghost of christmas......something?

or were you not quite paying attention? :wink

Jimbo said...

I did, Vahona! I actually commented on his appearance. It's more than a cameo though. He plays the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Beth said...

Joy!!! I AM WITH YOU ON THAT ONE!!!! I wanna be Jimbo's boyfriend!!!

I'm glad your other half is home and in your arms again Jimbo.


Dan said...

Dang Girl, Even Z sent a card!

Joy said...

I'd probably get someone like David, who is too much like me - we don't cook, clean, decorate, and other domestic stuff or have money. BUT we are fun to have around, quite entertaining, and generally fabulous! Right King Bunny?

David Dust said...

Darling Auntie Flame - you know me TOO well!!


Jimbo said...

Z asked me if she could give him a card, if I thought that would be ok, I told her it would be just fine. He got a kick out of it. :)