Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

File Under: BOO!

On Friday, Halloween was celebrated both at work and at Dan and Luis' house.

The day began at work, where I decided to go as "Joe the Plumber." I put on jeans, work boots, a white t, a flannel shirt and a backwards baseball cap. I carried a plunger. Inside the plunger was a picture of McCain and Palin. I had to throw in a bit of politics. Two other coworkers also dressed. Sonny was a Greek Goddess, Mike was "Nacho Libre." We had fun.

So one day prior, I learned that there was a theme at Dan and Luis' home - PIRATES. Those who were invited to spend the evening with them were told that they needed to dress as pirates. A trip to the dollar store was rewarding, they had all sorts of crappy pirate stuff. But, the favorite items I found had nothing to do with pirates. They had PIMP hats for KIDS!!! I decided that Matthew and I would be Pirate Pimps. I took extra eye patches and sewed them to the front of the hats and VOILA, our costumes were done.

Mind you, this was going to be Matthew's re-introduction to Dan, Luis and Polo, and his first time meeting Denise and Tina. I was a bit nervous, not because I was worried about my friends (okay, just a bit) but my fear was that for whatever reason he would not like them and, well, they are my family and he would either have to learn to like them or it wouldn't work.

I'm happy to report that everybody got along just fine and we had a fantastic evening. Below are some pictures from the evening.

Luis and Dan, our pirate hosts:

Jim and Matthew, Pirate Pimps. Note, my camera's lens cover sometimes doesn't fully open, this is one of those times when it didn't fully open but I liked the picture of us. :)

The always-delightful Tina!

I'm guessing that Luis and Polo were doing something at the top of the stairs, hence Dan's scornful look.

Luis, Polo and Dan (with half of Denise in her skull and crossbones vest)

For someone who doesn't really do Halloween, it was a great evening! Any evening spent with some of my dearest friends is a good one.


David Dust said...

Matthew is adorable! And I'm so glad that everyone gets along. Looks like a fun time.


Joy said...

Matthew is so CUTE!! You two look great together! I'm glad everyone liked each other - that's always a relief.


Beth said...

Jimbo! The picture of you and Matthew is so artistic!!! WATCH OUT! and he is so so cute!!!! I approve.... ;)

Beth said...

and how cute is Dan in his pirate costume?!