Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DWTS - Week 9 Results

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As predicted, Cody and Julianne ended their run this week. Moments before, it was revealed that couples Lance and Lacey and Brooke and Derek would compete. With Cody gone, that leaves Warren and Kym.

Final prediction:

3rd - Warren and Kym
2nd - Lance and Lacey
1st - Brooke and Derek

I didn't see all of tonight's show. I was at Matthew's house, it was on in the background while we were doing other things. Mind out of the gutter, kids. He's leaving town for 10 days tomorrow and we were going over things he wants me to do in his apartment while he's away. I'll be watering plants, getting mail, checking on the housekeepers, and tossing things from his refrigerator.

Come to think of it, we should have been doing "other" things. Oh well.


Beth said...

come on! 10 days and you didn;t do "other things"???!!!!

Jimbo said...

No. He was really sort of distracted with packing and not forgetting stuff and giving me instructions about his plants (I was polite but I know a thing or two about plants).

He returns a week from Saturday, I'm meeting him at his place and staying the night. If I have my way, there won't be much sleeping. ;)