Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Birthday Surprise

File Under: Team QTS!

QTS stands for "Queens Talking Shit," and it's a message board I've belonged to for years. I've got some fantastic friends on that board, we have a good time. We talk about EVERYTHING. We've seen one another through surgeries, mourning, births, new boobs, new jobs and new relationships. Members of the board live in different parts of the world, but mostly we're from the United States.

My friend Linda lives in Alexandria, VA. This happens to be where Matthew has been staying. Knowing it was his birthday, Linda volunteered to be my inside source and get something to Matthew on his birthday, his 4oth.

I sent a parcel with 2 CDs, wrapped with a card, on Wednesday, it arrived Thursday. Now, Linda could give Martha Stewart a run for her money (as could I), without the insider trading stuff. I sent a bit of money for her to use as gratuity at the hotel, as well as for embellishments. In my mind, I pictured a couple cupcakes in a box, to be placed next to the gift and the card. Well, bless her heart, Linda ran with it and with my approval, she included party hats, candles, matches, a votive candle and purchased cupcakes from a swanky little shop near her home. Here's how it all turned out.

The selection of baked goods, at Buzz.

The patrons, enjoying an early afternoon at Buzz.

Oooh, a cute little box. Wonder what's inside...

Mmm....cupcakes! Vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting, just like I suggested!

Back home, there's the gift and card that I sent, along with the party hats, bag, cupcakes, candles, matches (in the "a great flame" box), coordinating tissue, and gift bag.

The finished product.

At 1 pm my time, I gave my final approval on the package and left for the gym. On my way over to Matthew's apartment (from where I'm typing this), he called to say Thank You, the bag had arrived. It was in his room when he went upstairs. He was very surprised and a bit stunned, I think. He of course said "you didn't have to do that." I said "Duh, but I did anyway, it's your birthday and you're working and I wanted you to have at least a moment where you stopped and smiled, I'm thrilled it happened mid-day since after a long day of work." I then gave all sorts of credit to Linda for making it happen. She added the "WOW" to the presentation.

So, our mission was a success. Of course as it was happening, we were talking about it on the message board, so it became a group effort. Kudos to my dear friend Linda for going above and beyond to make a good guy feel great on his birthday, and for making me look like a star. Shout out to "Team QTS" for their involvement and encouragement. They're a great group of friends and I love them so.


Berry Blog said...

i just love you guys who are so intuitive bout special gifting surprises. I've received some great ones in my time, but have been unable to match them in my gving. So my hat's off to you. Very touching...and isn't the intrigue fun too? someday, sweeeet someday, i'll thrill somebody too.
charlie, Maine

Marker said...

Well done!

Hope you were suitably thanked ;)

Jimbo said...

Thanks. The suitable thank you should take place a week from tonight. Though, I received a phone message from Matthew tonight and he thanked me for the wonderful surprise. :)

Joy said...

What a sweet, romantic gesture! You are such a good boyfriend - I have to say it again. :-)