Sunday, November 2, 2008


File Under: Crazy Dreams

The past two nights, I have had some unusual dreams.

Friday night, my dream involved my dear friend Vahona. We had driven to Milwaukee Wisconsin. I can't say that I've ever spent much time in Milwaukee so there were no landmarks that I could identify as Milwaukee, I just knew we were there because we talked about it. We went to attend some sort of street festival. It was warm. I parked my car in what looked like an alley with diagonal parking spots. We got out, walked and somehow became separated. I ended up on the roof of a building. When I realized how high up I was, there were other people realxing on the edge, watching the goings-on below. I was scared to walk to the other side because it meant walking over and around the people. I was next to another building but I doubted my ability to jump to it even though I could see that I would be able to get down. Instead, I turned around and ended up on an outdoor deck. I figured I could ask to come in and get outside to find Vahona. I looked at my phone to call her and it was broken. I had done something to crack the front of it and I was unable to call her.

I knocked on a door to ask if I could come in just so I could go out the front door. The resident was a woman and she told me to wait, that he party guests were arriving. I sat and watched people arrive to what looked like a grand party. Lots of gorgeous costumes. Think Dangerous Liaisons but with the color volume turned up to 12. Bright pinks, violets, blues and shimmering sequins and beads. It was visually spectacular. Finally I found my way down to the street and I was standing in an empty lot. It wasn't a threatening neighborhood, just completely foreign. I could think of nothing but finding Vahona and finding my way back to the car. I decided to look for a police car to help me find my car and to maybe let me call Vahona's phone.

That's when I woke up.

Dream number two was last night. I spend the night at Matthew's and I'm still trying to get used to sleeping over there. We spent the evening having dinner with his friend John. After he left, we went to bed. We were too tired to do much more than snuggle and fall asleep. He fell asleep, I went into my "cat nap" mode, or sleep-lite.

At the point where I finally went to sleep, the dream I had was quite unsettling. I was with Matthew, we were staying someplace together, in bed. The place we were staying had a living room in the center and bedrooms on either side. All I knew was that a friend of Matthew's was staying there too, thought I don't know if it was anybody I have met. I heard noise coming from the other room - loud voices and the sound of things being moved. The next thing I knew, someone came bursting into the bedroom. Matthew jumped out of bed and was gone, and the person was coming after me with an axe.

That's where I woke up.

So much for sleeping last night. I spent most of the rest of the night back in sleep-lite. I probably managed to get 3-4 hours of sleep.

I think things will get better. I will get used to the sounds of the street from his place and the feel of sleeping in a bed with someone else. It's a learning experience I look forward to.


Joy said...

These are disturbing dreams! You described them so well I could picture it all. Hope you get some peaceful sleep soon!

Beth said...

damn Jimbo!!! an AX???? sheesh.....scary stuff!

Jimbo said...

There's so much symbolism in that first dream. That second dream was scary, I'm not at all sure what it symbolizes and I don't think I want to know.