Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 9

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Tonight is the semi-finals. The remaining contestants will dance the one ballroom dance that they did not dance during the competition, plus another of the “new” dances this year.

Brooke and Derek – Jive; Hmm…Brooke seems off. She’s got energy and some of the moves but just isn’t the usual WOW that she puts forth. I don’t like what she’s wearing or the routine. Yeah, her ending was about a second after Derek’s. Judges were not pleased. Carrie Ann said there was a “blatant illegal lift.” 21/30.

Cody and Julianne – Paso Doble; Ack…he looks so stiff!! His timing is off, too. This is an odd Paso Doble. The judges were not thrilled. 22/30

Warren and Kym – Mambo; It’s a big boy mambo. He’s got some smooth moves but started off looking a bit clumsy. Overall, it’s looking pretty good. Judges were critical. 24/30.

Lance and Lacey – Mambo; ooh, sexy! Wow, this looks good. Nice leg work, good theatrics. I think it was the best of the 4 dances we’ve seen so far. YAY! Len loved it. Bruno loved it. Carianne called it a show-stopper. 28/30

Time for round two:

Brooke and Derek – Salsa; This is much better than their last dance. Her pants bug me but she looks so much more confident here. Wow…fancy spin thing at the end. That was fantastic! But will the judges think so… Bruno said “fever pitch” but it sounded like he said “viva bitch.” LOL Carianne liked it, so did Len. 28/30.

For the night – 49/60.

Cody and Julianne – Salsa; Jilianne lost an earring, Cody looks like he’s laughing about it. Cute dance, looks kind of messy though. Judges are critical of technicality of the dance but thought it was a nice performance. 24/30.

For the night – 46/60.

Warren and Kym – Jitterbug; So far not a lot of jitterbug moves, just some playful stuff. Meh…just doesn’t have the “BIG” feel of a typical jitterbug. Warren is wearing his funny orthopedic shoes again. Mixed reviews from the judges. 25/30.

For the night – 49/60.

Lance and Lacey – Jitterbug; OMG…one of his shoes flew off! Wow, that was really well done. What fun! I love the jitterbug. Bruno called it “brilliant.” Carianne and Len loved it as well. 29/30.

For the night – 57/60.

I think Cody has danced his final dance tonight. He was a good contestant but I’ll be surprised if he makes it to the finals. The only other one I can see not making it to the finals after tonight’s round is Warren but I think he’ll make it.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who goes to the finals. Stay tuned…

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Joy said...

I agree with you about Cody. Good recap!