Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little Surprise

File Under: Another one turns 40

Matthew's 40th birthday is Saturday. He's feeling a bit uneasy about it. Matthew also travels for his job and he's on the road now, gone for 10 days. He'll be out of town on his birthday.

Mind you, I've known him close to 2 months. Not a long time. Yet, I remember my 40th birthday and it was an absolutely amazing time. My friends threw me the most wonderful party. To this day, guests still tell me that it was one of the best parties they have ever attended. I've also had a part in planning 40th birthday parties for Dan and Luis, both of those events were really special too. I think everybody should have a celebration. Matthew doesn't seem to have a lot of local friends. Perhaps that's because he travels so much. He's got a small group of very close friends. There was early chat of doing something with them. Last night I asked him what he wanted when he returned home from his trip, he said he just wanted to play it by ear, but wanted me to spend the night on his first night back. I'll cook dinner and make him some cupcakes or a cake.

But...he's in Washington DC for his birthday. He'll be working. His dear friend Dana, who works in the same field as him will be with him.

I have friends in DC. My friend Linda, whom I've never met in person but with whom I chat online daily, thanks to my message board, has offered to be my messenger.

I bought a couple CDs for him. He mentioned that he loves James Taylor. I read an interview with James Taylor on last week, discussing his new CD. I quizzed Matthew about it, his answer indicated he didn't have it.

The CDs, wrapped with a card attached, were mailed tonight. They should arrive in DC on Friday. Linda will take them to the hotel on Saturday. The hotel is about 2 miles from her home. She's been given creative license to add anything to the parcel, I suggested a couple cupcakes, boxed. The items will be delivered to the concierge and with a gratuity (enclosed), they will be delivered to his hotel room, waiting for him after he returns from his day of work.

Well, that's how I have it planned out. Hopefully it'll work. Linda and her partner both work in the hotel industry, she consulted a concierge at her hotel and was told that similar deliveries are common. Fingers crossed that all goes well.


David Dust said...

Damn - you are an excellent boyfriend!

I used to send packages regularly to a correctional institution in Upstate NY ... does that count?!?...


Beth said...

oh Tranny....that counts!!!

and CANNOT be over 40. I refuse to believe are such a horrible liar! ;)

and you are an excellent boyfriend. damn! I've been married for 18 years and my husband has NEVER done anything like that for me....ever.SEE???? I need to be a gay man! ;)

love you Jimbo!

Jimbo said...

Aw, thanks to both of you for the nice comments. Beth, it's true. I'm over 40. I'm 41.5 to be exact. But it's just a number. Ask Dan, I act like I'm 18 most of the time except when my back is bothering me and then it's like I'm 71.

Joy said...

40 is way young! I didn't know that when I was that age, but believe me it's a great decade! Wish I still looked like I did then. Oh well. Enjoy it while you have it!

You are a romantic guy and definitely a good boyfriend! That is thoughtful and so sweet.

Joy said...

DD and Beth, you two are so funny! I literally laughed out loud about packages in a correctional institution! And then when you said you should be a gay man, Beth! LOL