Monday, November 3, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 7

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Here we are at week 7. Six couples remain. They've added a number of twists this season and this week is no exception. Tonight’s twist has team group dances. Team Cha-Cha and Team Paso Doble. Two teams of three couples and the team’s score will be combined with their individual score.

Warren and Kym – Fox Trot; Nice start, Warren is displaying some nice footwork. Some of his steps look flat, now he looks nervous. Timing isn’t great. However, he’s so charming, hope that helps him. The judges were not wowed. Bummer. 21/30

Susan and Tony – Paso Doble; Nice! Could be a little more vibrant but her moves are nice. It’s hard to judge because I’m comparing it the same dance done by Melanie B or Laila Ali. The judges liked it. 24/30

Maurice and Cheryl – Cha-Cha; Maurice is dancing with an injury. The way he jumped down the steps, it doesn’t show. His arm extensions suck. Footwork looks good. Carianne liked it. Len liked it. Bruno liked it. 25/30

Cody and Edyta (subbing for Julianne who had surgery) – Viennese Waltz; They look nice together, except that he seems a bit out of step, as if he’s not used to her strides. He improved towards the end of the dance. Carianne loved it. The other two…not so keen on it. 22/30

Lance and Lacey – Rhumba; a barefoot Rhumba. Looking good…smooth moves, nicely timed, looks like he’s doing a bit of ballet. Cute!! Oh look, Kathy Griffin is in the audience! Bruno and Carianne loved it. Len “didn’t get it.” 25/30

Brooke and Derek – Fox Trot; Brook is lways elegant. This routine has the feel of a 40’s dance number. Beautiful!! YAY! Judges loved it! 30/30

Time for the judged group dance.

First up is team Cha-Cha: Susan and Tony, Cody and Edyta, Lance and Lacey. Cody did a nice job with it. Susan is also doing well but looks a bit stiff with the hips. Lance and Lacey gave it some energy, their routine was fun. Okay that was a nicely done group routine. Carianne didn’t like the unison, said it was awful. Lance and Lacey were the overall favorites on the group. 20/30

Next is team Paso Doble: Warren and Kym, Maurice and Cheryl, Brooke and Derek. Wrren and Kym are first to pair off and they’re doing a nice powerful Paso. He’s fast on his feet and it looks good. Maurice and Cheryl are next, Maurice looks clumsy. Brooke and Derek now and they are FLYING. The energy, the kicks, she looks so good next to the two pro women. This was definitely the better of the two groups, with the exception of Maurice. The judged had no criticisms for any of the individual pairs. 29/30.

Early prediction, Susan has danced her final dance. We’ll find out Wednesday night (delayed a night because of the election). Warren’s scores were lower on the individual dance but benefitted from the group.


Joy said...

I agree with you about Susan. Who do you think will be next after her?

Jimbo said...

I'm hoping it will be Maurice but if Julianne doesn't come back it may be Cody.

Joy said...

Same here.