Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing With the Stars - The Finale

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The Finale:

All of the previously eliminated contestants came back, most danced, others just visited and reminisced. That was the first hour of the show.

Warren and Kym were the first to do their final dance. They re-did their Hustle and were scored 27/30, bringing their two-day total to 80/90

Lance and Lacey were next, dancing their nautical-themed Jitterbug. This is the dance where Lance lost his shoe but kept going. We’ll see if the footwear remains on tonight. Yup, shoe stayed on. This time the number had a few more tricks. It was great. Score 28/30, bringing their two-day total to 81/90.

Brooke and Derek were last to dance, they’re redoing their Viennese Waltz. Seems to me they went safe by choosing this dance. It’s a beautiful dance though. Nothing new about this go-round. It made Carianne cry. The other two were also happy. Oh look, her fiancĂ©e is in the audience crying. Their score, 30/30, bringing their two-day total to 88/90.

First one out…Lance and Lacey! DAMN!

Miley Cirus. Bleh

Tonight’s champions are…Brooke and Derek!

A well-deserved win. YAY! I would not have been sad for them if it had been Lance and Lacey, but I’d have been really shocked if it had been Warren and Kym.

Another season of DWTS draws to a close.

Season 8 begins in March! Stay tuned…

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Joy said...

I was the other way and would have been surprised if it had been Lance and Lacey but not if it had been Warren and Kym. I was so sure it would be Brooke that I already had my post written for that part and found a picture of her. That was sweet with her daughters at the end of the waltz and how her fiancee cried.

This was the first time I've seen Miley Cyrus perform. I agree with you.