Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping with Z

File Under: Family fun

My Mom, whom I often refer to as "Z," goes grocery shopping every Saturday. She takes the car and goes to the local Jewel and shops for the week. She comes home from the store, I unload the car, and then we unpack the bags. During this time she usually complains about people in the store. Today's story is one of the better ones.

According to Z, "Today must have been, bring your scooter to the store day because there were all these people blocking the aisles, getting in my way. One guy had a tag on his that said 'I Count.' He was slumped over in his scooter, not moving and he was in the middle of the aisle. Well I count too, buddy, so get out of my God damned way!"

Whether she actually said that to him, I don't know. Would I put it past her? No.

She went on to say "I do feel bad for those people but the would get a little more compassion out of me if they didn't shop when I was trying to get my shopping done."

Perhaps this will help you all understand a bit better from where I get my odd take on things.