Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vahona's a Blogger Now

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Back about a year ago, I introduced all of you to Vahona. She is what I affectionately call my "fruit fly." We get along so well because we are alike in a lot of ways; we're both neurotic and a little crazy, humble but fabulous, hard-working and honest, we're really good people with an evil side. We get each other's jokes, like each other's music and we're both passionate about the things we love.

Vahona has started a blog. So far it's become her sounding board for the daily happenings in her life, the stuff that bugs her about work and about her family but knowing her, you'll see the fun side of Vahona and understand why we get along so well. Check out what she has to say at How To Be Good.

She's one of my best friends, I hope she'll become one of your friends, too.

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Joy said...

I checked it out and left a comment.